How do we take our communities back from the control of corporate shills and sociopaths without violence?

Behind every story in the media that makes me want to cry I can trace the instigating issue to greed and lust for power/control by entities (corps and gov) and individuals who seem classically sociopathic. The way we have decided to perceive success seems to lead inevitably to the ones most lacking in morals, ethics or care for others to be hailed as leaders. I am tired of the cruelty. I would like to see what we could achieve if kindness and social wellbeing were the goal instead of greed.

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What's more important: answers, or questions? Are the ‘big’ questions - life, the universe, everything - more important than ‘little’ ones? Does a good question provoke debate or laughter, lead to certain answers or create reflective pause? Can it change laws, minds or lives? Are questions the best answers?

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