If both major political parties won’t close Manus Island and Nauru detention centres what do you think could be circuit breakers to this intractable problem?

I feel strongly that we should and must treat asylum seekers with compassion and humanity.
I am involved as a volunteer with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre for last 13 years and have seen the damage inhumane processes have on people including families and children.
I came with my family as refugees in 1939. We were deemed enemy aliens at the time despite escaping the Nazis because of Jewish ancestry. It seems to me that “we” still don’t know who the enemy is!
I would want and keep hoping that more people when realizing the inhumanity being done in our name as well as the millions of dollars being spent from our taxes, that they would want to change the system. there are better ways.

Asked by:
Joan Lynn

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