When will the psychiatric regime end?

When humanity becomes humane, starts listening to people, rather than propaganda, regimes that torture and control will be exposed and stopped. The psychiatric regime has been going on for over 200 in various countries, enabling genital mutilation on women who opposed their husbands, LSD testing in the 1960s, and various torturous procedures.
The people forcefully tested with insulin shock and LSD, haven’t received compensation, because our government declares the medical profession were allowed to torture people that way in the 1960s & 70s.
The people who are being currently subjected to torture by the psychiatric regime, are also unlikely to receive compensation, unless there is wide-spread condemnation for the psychiatric procedures forcefully done in our government’s name on innocent people as young as two and as old as people can be. Electroshock used on 4 year olds, pills fed daily to tranquilise two year olds. Not to mention what they do to people in their prime.
It is physically obvious what psychiatric torture does to people. It must be stopped.
How dare anyone think our country is a democracy when this is going on. How dare the organisations of festivals censor psychiatric survivors who speak out because of sponsorship deals. How dare the Australian people be so unaware of what is happening to their citizens.
The question is when? The answer should be now.

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