Why is Cameron Frye such an underappreciated character? He was the kid I related to most in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

This cult film is loved by so many, and yet there are many overlooked ideas in the movie. Did Cameron really make things better with his dad? What’s the deal with Ferris, anyway? He’s so sure of himself, and his parents love him and he can do whatever he wants, and he knows it! Cameron is the real MVP. Recognition is needed.

Asked by:
Alani Sharp

What's more important: answers, or questions? Are the ‘big’ questions - life, the universe, everything - more important than ‘little’ ones? Does a good question provoke debate or laughter, lead to certain answers or create reflective pause? Can it change laws, minds or lives? Are questions the best answers?

The Interrobang – a new festival from the Wheeler Centre – is looking for the best questions in the world.

Ask your questions and vote on others, then join us on 27 – 28 November for a feast of frequently unanswered questions – as we present your most controversial, revealing, funny and insightful ideas to a 25-strong Brains Trust of the world’s most inquisitive thinkers.

So pose your burning questions. We’ll build this festival on your curiosity, so brace yourself – and wonder hard.